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TC Capital is an investment and development company with activities in Real Estate and Agriculture fields in Romania. TC Capital’s management team has over 15 years of experience in Romania and has taken part in a wide array of investment disciplines such as the development of landmark real estate projects, investment in turnaround projects and investing in and operating farmland in Romania.

In TC Capital, our focus is to invest in projects with opportunistic returns where our expertise enables us to take calculated risks and optimize profitability and capital gains in medium and long-term for our investors.

EXPANSION: Every day we are looking forward to expanding our knowledge, network and resources. 


Our mission is to add value to our investments with our sectoral know-how and pragmatic, hands-on approach. In order to achieve opportunistic returns, we believe in measured risk-taking in unique projects that we source through our extensive network. We focus only on projects where our expertise makes the difference.


HANDS-ON APPROACH: Consistently prioritizing and working towards realizing the goals set towards the investors.

PROACTIVITY AND DYNAMISM: Not leaving anything for tomorrow if it can be done today – and exploring ways to do them quicker. 


PRAGMATISM: Adjusting the way of execution of our goals according to the reality they represent, not necessarily resorting to text-book methods. 

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